The LAB eN² Concept

LAB eN² is a translational drug discovery accelerator with a mission to advance academic discoveries to become life-changing medicines with funding, expertise and technology platforms. This partnership is a new concept which offers multiple resources to nurture and guide ideas from top tier partner academic institutions in the North-Eastern part of the US to mature into new therapeutic options or drug development platforms.

The model comprises of access to

  • Funding for research and possibly up to IND stage
  • Disease expertise
  • World-class drug discovery and development resources at Evotec
  • Clinical, regulatory, business, and commercial guidance from Novo Nordisk
  • Consultations with respective technology transfer offices and a dedicated LAB eN² Collaboration Lead to apply for funding
The LAB eN2 Concept
The LAB eN2 Concept
The LAB eN2 Concept

LAB eN² builds on Evotec and Novo Nordisk´s complimentary expertise in discovering and developing first- and best-in-class therapeutics.

Evotec is a recognized world leader in translational drug discovery with the pre-clinical capabilities to develop a wide range of different drug modalities (i.e. small molecules, biologics, nucleic acids, and gene therapies).

Novo Nordisk has over 100 years of expertise developing and commercializing therapeutics in the cardiometabolic and rare disease space. Their deep disease expertise in these areas has allowed Novo Nordisk to launch 19 products globally.

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